Okay, so I admit writing a blog seemed easy and straightforward, it’s not!! I for one am a self proclaimed type A perfectionist.  That’s right, I demand perfection, not necessarily from everyone else but from myself.  I like to over plan things A LOT.  Just to write this is and was terrifying, I talked it over, promoted in on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. My husband who is very sensible said you don’t need a logo to write a blog, did I listen? No! Just for the record I am furiously working on a getting a logo done.  Don’t worry it will be PERFECT, ha!  But seriously, I am looking forward to this journey and I hope I get to enjoy it with those who like to try to be perfect in an imperfect word.

All my best,


P.S. Don’t worry my next post will be on fashion, I promise!

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