Catching up with Jemma aka Dorkface! The Interview.

Hello Fashionistas,

I got the chance to chat with the lovely Jemma: Dorkface from Twitter. This is my first fashion interview and I’m excited to share this with you all. 🙂 My goal when interviewing people is to figure out why people wear what they do and how it makes them feel! Without further ado, here’s our interview.

Hi Jemma,
I’m starting a new blog that focuses on fashion, particularly retro fashion and the history behind what we wear in the current time. Below are my questions and her answers.
R: Why is fashion important to you?
J: A great outfit can instantly change my mood, and make me feel amazing. Plus being able to express myself through what I wear is pretty awesome 🙂
R: How do clothes make you feel?
J: It depends. If I find something flattering, in my style, I’m extremely happy! I feel as if my true self is being represented. However, I also experience a lot of bad feelings often, as I can’t find anything which feels like ‘me’.
R: Where do you go to buy your clothes or which websites do you buy your clothes from?
J: All over! I like to collect clothing from anywhere and everywhere. At the moment I absolutely LOVE everything from Lazy Oaf, and ASOS is always brilliant.
R: What is the most important thing you consider when you are shopping?
J: Comfort, and being able to wear it more than once. If it does neither of these things, then it’s pointless. It sounds quite boring but honestly, I’ve wasted so much money on crap in the past that I’m not entirely comfortable wearing, and I never wear them again. 
R: I noticed on Twitter that you are rocking the Pink hair. How does this affect your clothing decisions?
J: I tend to avoid red now!! I love red, but I feel it clashes with the pink of my hair. But I’m now loving wearing matching clothes and accessories. Pink is one of my favourite colours and now that my hair is pink, I feel more confident wearing it too which is ace.
R: If you could only wear clothing from one particular decade which one would it be and why?
J: This one! I love everything modern, bright, holographic. 90’s throwbacks are also AMAZING as a lot of it appeals to my colourful, kawaii side. But yep I’d stay here, to be honest.
R: What are your favorite accessories to wear i.e brands, homemade, local, Etsy etc.
J: I love unique, one of a kind Etsy stores. I’m a huge supporter of small business and I always try to buy there first 🙂
R: How does makeup play into how you dress?  What is your favorite makeup looks and where do you buy your makeup products?
J: I love a bright lip and a subtle but smokey eye. I do love anything super girly, bright, and kawaii. Lipsticks are one of my favourite makeup products, especially MAC. It feels like such a treat to wear them.
R: Please describe one of your favorite outfits and if possible the links to where you got the items and or descriptions.

J: At the moment it would be my very bright coloured dungarees-

These are only from Primark but I love them! Very ME. Unfortunately I can’t link them though!  *Check them out below, I love the bright and fun floral pattern, ooh la la!*
Jemma's favorite outfit for summer 2015!

Jemma’s favorite outfit for summer 2015!

Please check out her fashion blog and follow her on Twitter! Thanks Jemma for letting me interview you. 🙂
Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram and Twitter. 🙂 
P.S. There will more fashion interviews stay tuned!

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