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Fashion Interview with Megan from Megan’s Beaded Designs.

Hello retro modernistas,

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I got the chance to chat with another fun, fashionable, creative, and friendly business owner Megan! Below is my interview with Megan from Megan’s Beaded Designs.  She runs her jewelry business out of Spokane, Washington.  She sets herself apart from the crowd by making one of a kind jewelry that you can order online including, hair accessories, necklaces, earrings (she even offers clip-on earring options), and bracelets.  You can read more about her business here: Megan’s small business feature.

Why is fashion important to you?

I believe that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful, and fashion is the ultimate way to express our individuality. By choosing pieces that speak to us, we get to feel more like ourselves, while at the same time telling on-lookers, “Hey, this is me. Take it or leave it.”

How does it make you feel?

I’m drawn to fashion that makes me feel empowered, sexy, and glamorous… all with a sense of humor mixed in. I think that when we get to choose and wear pieces that are distinctly “us” we feel more complete. I know that’s a profound thing to say about–as an example–wearing a new blouse or necklace, but it’s true.

Where do you go to buy your clothes or which websites do you buy from?

When I can I like to support smaller businesses or artisans. It not only feels good to know your money is going straight to an individual who needs it to pay the bills and not some bloated corporation who manufactured everything overseas, but these sources usually produce much more unique items that you would find in the big box stores. That being said, I am definitely not above fast-fashion and indulge in the occasional splurge from Nasty Gal or ModCloth when I get an inkling for something fresh and trendy.

What is the most important thing you consider when you are shopping?

Really, I’m all about buying pieces that speak to me. I’m kind of known for always having the “coolest shoes” and the “prettiest dresses.”  It’s because I don’t settle for what the big box stores are hawking to the masses. I want something different and more suitable for me personally.

If you could only wear clothing from one particular decade which one would it be and why?

Marilyn Monroe is my fashion icon. I love, love, LOVE everything about mid-century style.  It’s so classic and pretty while being professional at the same time.  It’s my go-to style for office-wear and networking events. That being said, a lot of my jewelry draws inspiration from the 60s and 70s inspired boho/gypsy style, partially because I work in beads, but also because I’m drawn to the whole overall idea of free-spirited expression.

What are your favorite accessories to wear, i.e brands, homemade, local, Etsy etc?

I’ve never been a big fan of brand logos plastered on my stuff (I don’t want to be a walking advertisement, thank you), but that being said, I’ll opt for anything that suits my personal style. I shop local boutiques, craft fairs, Etsy, small business websites, and more popular fast-fashion websites, and even the occasional department or outlet store–but it’s all about finding the right individual pieces. For example, if I find a pair of black spike-covered stilettos with glittery, hot-pink soles: it doesn’t matter who’s selling them, those darlings are going in my closet. Side note: I did find some that matched Megan’s description.  They are stunning: Christian Louboutin sparkly shoes.  

How does makeup play into how you dress?  What is your favorite makeup looks and where do you buy your makeup products?

I buy some homemade brands, but I will confess to an uncontrollable Sephora addiction (I can relate except for me it’s ColourPop!). That place is like my candy store. I never feel like an outfit is complete without jewelry and makeup. The two just go hand-in-hand together. Usually, this means colored eyeliner or shadow to match the color of my shoes, or a bright red lip to contrast against an all-black ensemble. With a necklace, bracelet, or some earrings, it’s the finishing touch that completes an outfit and makes it totally “me.”

Please describe one of your favorite outfits and if possible the links to where you got the items and or descriptions.

I am always adding new sets to my Polyvore collection: http://megansbeadeddesigns.polyvore.com/, and posting outfit ideas and tips on my blog: http://www.megansbeadeddesigns.com/blog

Thank you,

Megan Petersen




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Hope you liked this interview.  Please take care of yourselves and remember to keep smiling. 🙂


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Retro Summer! Thrift Store Adventures.

Happy Friday! I’m finally get into the groove of being a fashion blogger. I’ve decided that all my posts are going to be centered around retro with a twist of modern, retro modern. So I can see your ensembles, Please tag on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with your retro inspired outfits with the tag, #retromodern. Retro fashionistas unite! Remember to dream big start small.  I will be posting my thrift store adventures at an eclectic thrift store.  I was able to score some awesome 50s style glasses that I will be making over. Stay tuned!

Stay beautiful,


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Feed Your Head Vintage: Collaboration

Hello everyone,

First off we made it to Friday! Woohoo. 🙂

Anyway, I am excited to share to share my first collaboration with Feed Your Head Vintage. They are an online retailer based out of Leeds Yorkshire. They specialize in one of a kind quality vintage Bohemian, festival wear, from the 60s, 70s, 80s, some 40s and 50s, and even the Bangin 90s!  Below is their exclusive SS15 fashion shoot.

According to Mags from Feed Your Head Vintage, “The scenes in Leeds are about festival culture, which is why there’s a focus on friendship. Festivals there are about having fun, letting your hair down and being with your closest friends.” The outfits featured here include:

Look #1: Festival

Purple Flower Power

The 1st model, is wearing Lilac Dungarees, Over Sized Purple Floral Headress, with a fabulous 70s boho waistcoat (Click on the links to shop!)

Festival, friends, fun!

The second model is wearing a 90s vintage Wallis floral Maxi dress with the model’s own vintage headscarf. 🙂

Look #2: Leeds Vibes

Mags says, “this is very much a local look which is shot in our local area of Leeds City in the UK. Here we have a great music scene of house/techno, indie, and rock, and the look is very much based on our love for good music and how to score these summer looks!”

Below the model is sporting an Oshkosh Denim Pinafore Dress, with a reworked vintage fabric crop top (Click here to buy: Vintage Red and Navy Bandeau Crop Top)

Feed Your Head-Fashion Shoot

blog 4

The model on the left is wearing her own red crop top with a vintage pleather skirt.

You have made it to the end of this post??  I hope you enjoyed this fun photo shoot!

All my best,


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Collaboration with the Drag Queen: Burlesque Elephant!

Hello Lovelies,
Happy Friday! I got a chance to collaborate with the lovely Burlesque Elephant aka Aimee Coffland. She is a lady drag queen from Cali. She loves retro fashion like I do and drag. Two of my favorite things. 😉 She hails from Sacramento, CA but her family hails from the Midwest as I do! Anyway, during her free time, she gets to release her creative energy as a drag queen. You can find her on Instagram.  Below is her fashion shoot as Aimee and as her alter ego Burlesque Elephant.  Without further ado, here’s our collaboration. 
Fashion warm up!
Me: Which decade is your favorite for fashion inspiration?
Burlesque Elephant:  My favorite decade is the ’60s because they had the best peace, love, and Rock n’ Roll!  But for fashion, I think it is the 1920s because there was a lot of regal gem encrusted couture and dark black dramatic eye makeup.  Especially in France.
Me: Where did the name Burlesque Elephant come from?
Burlesque Elephant:  I’ve always been obsessed with burlesque because their fashion seems so delicate, thin, and glamorous.  Plus, I love elephants.  I mean who’s ever seen a burlesque elephant? Also, I’m representing the not so thin woman (which is awesome), by displaying myself as if I was a wispy woman! My drag name is a body beautiful name.  🙂
Burlesque Elephant

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 I noticed when I read Burlesque Elephant’s description of her outfits she screamed fashion dreamer!  I love this about her. 🙂

“I am going to start with one of my favorite pieces, it’s called the Wicked Black Burlesque Pony.  I made this piece from a red witch hat I found at a Halloween store.  The exterior is made mostly from a pair of old leather gloves that I repurposed. It took a lot of hot glue, spare jewelry, and a wild and loving imagination to put this hat together.  This piece is near and dear to my heart because it is what I imagine a spooky old Hollywood witch would wear if she were to perform in a Halloween burlesque show (very cool). It’s sexy and magical.  This hat would make anyone feel romantic and dominating.”

“My show pony is my Ziegfeld follies hat, it’s my pride and joy.” For those who don’t know, Ziegfeld Follies was an elaborate series of Broadway productions in the 1900s.  Aimee continues, I purchased the faux fur hat in an antique shop in Old Auburn. The moment I saw it I knew I could make something amazing out of it. I had pink champagne pearls, light pink cellophane fabric, a gem-encrusted feather broach, and some big pink sequins, that I just needed to use to awaken my couture. It was a lot of fun making it because everything I did to this hat inspired me to be more regal and fantasy inspired.   When I wear my hat I feel like a Russian ice princess wandering through a frozen pink castle in the winter night. I have worn this hat to a finale party for Ru Paul’s Drag Race for a show pony look that was inspired by Fruit Stripe gum and My Little Pony.  Fantasy and fun are alive and well within my fashion!”

Aimee continues, talking about her favorite animal, elephants!“I have been in love and adoration with elephants all my life. I made my Elephant Empress headdress in tribute to the danger that they are subjected to every day.  They have to be strong and brave to survive the conditions poachers and big industries/corporations subject them to.  I believe that elephants still rule their land despite the extinction they face every day.  When I wear my headdress, I am overcome with honor and pride.  Sometimes elephants need horns or tusks to fight for themselves, so I’ve included a pair of purple ones that illuminate this look.   This look is an Asian elephant inspired piece that gives me pride when I wear it.”

Burlesque Elephant’s handmade drag couture.

1597737_873296296090588_5792762058001802460_o - Copy

Ready to take on the night!

Lovely hat handmade by Burlesque Elephant.



The eyes say it all!


Aimee’s #Retromodern 1920s Inspired Look

“My 20s inspired red dress and earrings are one of my favorite vintage-inspired looks. I got this red dress from the SPCA thrift store years ago in Roseville. When I saw it I couldn’t believe anyone would want to let this dress go because it was such a perfect dress for its era.  I had a flashback to the Roaring Twenties and felt that I could transform myself into a starlet by dawning this dress.  It is vintage and makes me feel beautiful. I paired it with glitzy red ruby earrings that sparkle and shine like red hearts of the ocean.  I also pinned up my hair to make the whole look complete and cute.” I absolutely love this outfit and the ’20s is such an inspiring decade for fashion!

11251046_861982030555348_7136854995214623027_nAimee’s vintage find: A 1920s lovely red polka dotted dress

Who doesn’t like a Paris inspired look? This outfit was worn to see a Peaches Christ production of The Witches of Eastbay.”

I hope you enjoyed this collaboration as much as I did, it was a lot of fun working with Aimee. I loved that she was so willing to share her creative outlet.  I  also love, love working with unique and creative women like Aimee who have something to say!  

All my best,

~Ruth 🙂

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