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Hello Beauties,

Happy Friday!¬† So glad, it’s the weekend. ūüôā ¬†Anyway, I did a makeup look awhile back that I think would work great as a makeup look for Valentine’s Day. ¬†Feel free to recreate this fun and sparkly look.

Recreate this look:

Eyes:¬†First off, I started with a neutral brown color in e.l.f’s¬†brightening quad eyeshadow ($1), all over the lid. ¬†Second, I used Profusion’s Absolute Eyes Palette¬†and used the dusty rose color at the corner of my eyes with e.l.f’s¬†contouring brush. Next, I used NYX‘s Primal eyeshadow in Hot Pink for $5 (a steal!) ¬†Again, I used a contouring brush and swept the hot pink shadow above my crease, I also took this color and lined my lower lashes¬†with a damp angled brush. Make sure to blend the hot pink in the crease with an eyeshadow brush, to blend out the color. ¬†Finally, I used a gel liner and winged out my eyeliner! *Tip: I like to use an angled brush to apply gel eyeliner. ¬†Oh and don’t forget to curl your lashes and use your favorite mascara.

Face: First, I primed my face with NYC‘s Perfecting Primer¬†(I like that it has a shimmer to it). ¬†I found it at Walmart for just under $4.


I’m not a fan of heavy foundation so I opted for a BB Cream. ¬†I used Covergirl’s Tinted Moisturizer in fair to light. I also sometimes wear concealer, go ahead choose your favorite one. ¬†I personally like e.l.f.’s¬†Cover Everything concealer. ¬†Don’t forget to powder your face with a big fluffy brush, I used e.l.f.’s ¬†flawless face powder in Ivory. ¬†Next, I used a pink blush, I chose what I had which is Mary Kay’s duo cheek color in Juicy Guava. ¬†*Tip: I like to use the neutral shade as a highlighter above my blush, under my nose, on the chin, and by the hairline.


Lips: For the lips, I used products from Sally’s Beauty Supply. ¬†The quality of these products wasn’t the best, but it was some of the makeup I had left over from my Jem and the Holograms look from Halloween. ¬†


Truly, Truly Outrageous!

First, I used Beautique’s Jumbo Lip Crayon in Shocking all over my lips. ¬†Next, I put on¬†Sally girl mini mood lipstick in Magic Pink. ¬†Finally, I put on Sally Girl’s Sparkle Effects loose glitter in Princess Pink all over my lips with my finger.

There you have it, a fun and flirty Retro Inspired Valentine’s Day makeup look! ¬†Let me know if you recreate this look and tag me on my social media with the hashtag #retromodern so I can see your look. ūüôā



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End of Summer: Boho Street Style!

Hello Lovelies!

Can you believe summer is coming to an end?? I can’t. ¬†I wanted to blog about the first fashion interview that I’ve been holding onto. I’ve been superstitious about it since I didn’t know how successful writing a fashion blog would be. I know that I still have a lot to learn on how to have a successful blog I am just happy that I have made it this far and will continue to develop my skills.¬† Two months ago, I met a wonderful woman named Sharon at my local Starbucks, who is a hospice nurse (I think nurses are the best!) and she was gracious enough to let me interview her on the spot. ¬†I love these types of interviews that are spontaneous and are tons of fun! ¬†Enjoy. ūüôā

One of my favorite hangouts!

One of my favorite hangouts!

It was a nice summery June day and I decided to get some work done at my local¬†Starbucks. I usually get distracted working at home.¬†I have to admit there are not many coffee shops that I go to that give me the feeling that I should sit and stay awhile. I usually go to the local coffee stand and not even bother with going into a coffee shop to sit down. ¬†But on this particular day, I decided that I wanted to give it another go. I went armed with my¬†laptop and iPhone. The Starbucks I chose has a lot of regulars and is known for holding many business meetings there. ¬†It was particularly crowded and I found a single table with an outlet nearby of course! I started working on changing my Twitter/IG handles to signify my new career venture. ¬†As a sidebar, I have always loved fashion since I was young. ¬†I have fond memories of reading Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Teen.

I happened to start chatting with a nice older couple and mentioned that I was a fashion blogger who wanted to interview people about their fashion, they said stick around here because there are plenty of fashionable people who frequent here.  I eventually met Sharon, a hospice nurse, a fun-loving and glamorous fashionista.  She graciously let me interview her and share her fashion tips! Below is her chic summery boho outfit.


My favorite Starbucks even has trivia. Bonus!

Sharon's Boho Chic look.

Sharon’s Boho Chic look.

Sharon’s Boho Summer Chic Lowdown.

Pink Parisian Shirt: Walmart, clearance $1. Unfortunately, this shirt was out of stock online, I had trouble finding a pink Parisian shirt, but I managed to find one on Zazzle (I like that you can customize the color of your shirt) for $28 or a darker pink Love Amour t-shirt on Etsy for $21.


Paris Amour Shirt-Zazzle.


Love Amour Shirt-Etsy.

Leopard Print Tank Top: Walmart, $2.88 I found a similar one on Polyvore for $7.67.

Black Leopard Cami.

Black Leopard Cami.


Relaxed Black Shorts-Old Navy.

Black striped shorts: Old Navy, $20

Sharon’s white sleeveless fringe vest was found in a local tourist town¬†in Levenworth, WA.

Sharon's Boho vest.

Sharon’s Boho vest.

I found an adorable crocheted white fringe vest on Esty for $35!

White crocheted fringe vest.

Such a cute fringe vest.

Straw fedora hat with black band: Old Navy.

LLBean Straw Fedora.

I found a similar one at LLBean for $15.

Bracelets-Old Navy, $8.99 I found some on Polyvore for $16.

Pink wrap bracelet with heart charm.

Pink wrap bracelet with heart charm.

Last but not least is¬†Sharon’s Mossimo Purse: Target, $19.99.

Target Boho cross body purse.

Target Boho cross body purse.

Sharon’s Fashion Tips:

‚ÄĘMake a list before you shop.

‚ÄĘ Buy basics that will coordinate with all of your outfits.

Sharon’s basics list:

‚ÄĘBlack jeans.

‚ÄĘDifferent colored tank tops.

‚ÄĘWhite blouse.

‚ÄĘClassic jacket, including a black, navy, or brown¬†Wilson leather jacket.

‚ÄĘMultiple scarfs in different patterns and colors.¬† Yearly Sharon buys a new scarf¬†(I found some adorable ones on Modcloth!)¬†and looks for pieces that go with it.

Thanks for all the love I have received¬†on social media, I really appreciate it. ūüôā

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Keep smiling, ūüôā


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My Retro Style with a twist of modern part 1: Mixing the decades.

Hello retro fashionistas,

It’s almost the end of summer, where did July go? Anyway, today we are going to explore my retro style with a twist of modern! I love to mix patterns and I even like mixing the different decades of fashion. Below I’m rocking a 1920s makeup with my clothes having a 1980s vibe with a pinch of modern thrown in. I was told when I wore this outfit it reminded them of the actress Molly Ringwald from the iconic 80s movie the Breakfast club! ūüôā

One of my favorite 80's movies. The Breakfast Club.

One of my favorite 80’s movies. The Breakfast Club.

Molly Ringwald (R) in the classic  80s movie Pretty in Pink!

Molly Ringwald (R) in the classic 80s movie Pretty in Pink! Photo credit: Maegan Tintari on Flicker.com

First off, let’s start with the makeup, I was told to check out the awesome YouTuber and fierce body painter-Madeyewlook who creates amazing characters using body paint. I immediately loved her videos especially her makeup tutorial about ketones, which are substances that are made when the body breaks down fat for energy when carbohydrates are low. She is a diabetic and I love how she is getting out awareness through her makeup.

Made up artsist Youtuber: MadeYouLook

Body Painter:¬†Madeyewlook’s ketone tutorial.

My 1920s Makeup:

Moving onto my 1920s makeup, I recreated Madeyewlook’s flapper-inspired makeup.

My 1920s makeup with a 1980 Molly Ringwald retro fashion look!

My 1920s makeup with a 1980s Molly Ringwald inspired look!

This makeup took a lot of blending, it took me multiple tries to get the eyes just right.  The pics with my hair down are my 1st attempt with this look.  I modernized this makeup by adding some sparkly pink eyeliner on the bottom of my lower lashes to give it a modern twist, plus I love glitter!

Makeup Details:¬† For the eyes, I used Hard Candy’s sparkly pink eyeliner on my lower lash line (I think this color is discontinued). ¬†My black eyeshadow is from the Balm’s face palette: Balmbini Volume 2, but you can use any black eyeshadow.¬†My eyeliner is¬†Mary Kay’s¬†black gel liner.¬† For my eyebrows,¬†I used the black shadow from Balmbini with an angled brush. For my lipstick, I used Rimmel’s Red Diva lip liner¬†all over. You can also use NYX‘s lip pencil as well.¬† I made sure to blot my lips and then reapply to get more payoff. Next, I used Revlon’s bold red lipstick. ¬†To add a hint of shine I dusted NYC’s sparkly pink eye dust¬†on my lower lip. For my base,¬†I used e.l.f.’s Concealer¬†to touch up any imperfections after filling in my eyebrows with black eyeshadow. I don’t use foundation so I skipped that part and went straight to powder, again I used¬†e.l.f.’s¬† pressed powder¬†with a fluffy brush!¬† For blush, I used Mary Kay’s duo mineral cheek blush in Juicy Guava to finish the look.


1920s makeup inspired by Madeyewlook.

1920s Makeup Take 1!

1920s Makeup Take 1!


1920s Flapper Makeup. Take 1! Gold Bracelets, Forever 21.

Rockin' the 1920s makeup!


Below is my 1920s makeup version 2!


L: are my purple DIY Duct Tape Feather earrings from Brit+Co!

Check out my fun nails. ūüôā My floral nail art is Revlon’s 3D Jewel Appliques-Wildflowers, Vintage Vibe. ¬†I love this product because you get 18 nail stickers including¬†a nail file, buffer, and cuticle stick. My red nails are from¬†Sally’s¬†Red Fire! Fire!¬†nail polish.

My scent: ¬†I like mixing scents, so I sprayed on my signature scent:¬†Davidoff’s¬†Cool Water¬†in the air and walked into the mist. ¬†I then dabbed on MaryKay’s scent Belara¬†on my pulse points. ¬†In the morning, I used Bath & Body Works¬†Wild Honeysuckle body lotion.

My Molly Ringwald Inspired Outfit.

My grey lace top is from Kohls that I scored last fall.  I found a similar one from H&M and a higher end version from Dillards on Shopstyle.

H&M's White Jersey Lace Top.

H&M’s white jersey lace top.

Dillard's Heather Gray Lace Top.

Dillard’s heather gray lace top.

My skirt is from Forever 21. ¬†I love their clothing and accessories. ¬†The quality isn’t the best but I love that you can rock current or flashback looks inexpensively! ¬†I couldn’t find my exact skirt but I found a similar¬†one on¬†H&M. This skirt comes in¬†purple or black. I personally like the purple version. ūüôā After digging, I found a cute black lace skirt from Forever 21. ¬†If you truly want to go vintage I found an awesome blue lace skirt on Etsy.


H&M’s Purple lace skirt: This skirt also comes in black!


Blue Lace Vintage Skirt sold by jeansdavenport on Etsy.

My Tights:

I scored mine at Target, which is one of my favorite stores.  I found some similar ones on Amazon from Hue.

My Earrings:

My¬†duct tape purple earrings are my DIY from the inspirational Brit from Brit+Co. ¬†Brit is an original DoitGurl contributor. ¬†She now runs the DIY site that shows you how to decorate your house, teaches you fashion and beauty hacks, as well as style inspiration. You can buy kits on Brit+Co if you don’t have the time to spend shopping for DIY supplies. ¬†I highly recommend them! Below is the how-to video on how to make your own duct tape feather earrings.

My brown feather earrings I found at¬†Fuego¬†ages ago. ¬†This is one of my favorite stores. ūüôā I couldn’t find them online but I found¬†MySoulAfire‘s Etsy shop. She handcrafts them and I love supporting artists this way.

Handmade brown feather earrings. Made by MySoulAfire on Etsy.

Handmade brown feather earrings. Made by MySoulAfire on Etsy.

Rocking my DIY earrings and brown feather earrings.

Rocking my DIY earrings, brown feather earrings, & H&M’s braided bracelet.

My Bracelets:

I found my braided bracelet on clearance from H&M. ¬†Again, I couldn’t find the exact one but I found some other cool bracelets that would work to recreate my outfit! First, I wanted to shout out Forever Tied Together on Etsy. ¬†This shop is run by a young lady named Ana, she is currently on a mission to Honduras. ¬†Ana makes one of a kind friendship bracelets. Please visit her shop. ūüôā ¬†I also found another cool place for handmade bracelets on Facebook.

Shot by Gillian Stephanie Uang from ByDetails fashion blog. Bracelets: BraidsandBonds Bracelets.

Shot by Gillian Stephanie: Braids and Bonds Bracelets.

FTT handmade friendship bracelets.

Forever Tied Together handmade bracelets.

I hope you enjoyed this retro fashion post with a twist of modern as much as I did. ¬†I will be posting more of my eclectic style…stay tuned!

Before I leave you, I found an awesome female artist called AmbivalentlyYours, who you can find on Instagram. She also sells her art on Society 6!

Please remember to be yourself and not to “look at yourself through their eyes”!


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Photo credit: ambivalentlyyours.

Retro Fashion, Planes, and New Friends Oh My!

Hello, Friends around the world

This post was the hardest, humbling, and exciting blog posts I have written.  Below are my views, if your views differ from mine please be respectful!

Three weeks ago, I met a guy named we” call “Bob” at my Local YMCA. ¬†I was having some trouble being motivated to work out. Anyway, I sought out to make myself stronger again since I stopped working out since I injured myself after running a half marathon. ¬†A nice and friendly lady at the Y who does the Fitpath program made sure to make me feel comfortable with using the weight machines since I get uncomfortable using the equipment. She wanted to introduce me to her friend Bob while I was there. ¬†He mentioned that he was a pilot and that he wanted to take me flying! ¬†I thought yeah right, but being the optimist that I am, I thought okay, what‚Äôs the harm in giving him my info.

Afterward, I was too overwhelmed to come back to the gym for two weeks. ¬†I knew that Bob would be there since he goes there regularly. ¬†Again, I was skeptical but thought he was an intriguing person. ¬†We walked the track together and had a nice conversation, but he freaked me out when he starting talking about his friend Barbara (“Barb”) Cooper. He casually mentioned, “I think I know who the real D.B. Cooper is!” For those who don‚Äôt know who D.B. Cooper is, he is the Pacific Northwest’s famous fugitive/skyjacker. ¬†‚ÄúHe‚ÄĚ, hijacked a plane going from Portland to Seattle, flight #705 in 1971, one day before Thanksgiving. ¬†“Dan Dayton” who got labeled D.B. Cooper jumped out a Boeing 727 with a parachute and landed ironically in Ariel, WA. ¬†This person was very skilled and was able to successfully get away with hijacking a plane with $200,000 (equivalent to $1,160,000 in 2015, according to Wikipedia.com). ¬†You can watch the scenario here:¬†YouTube Video: Skyjacker that Got Away! ¬†Little did I know, my luck would change dramatically. I just befriended a local author, and¬†former Air Force mechanic, ¬†who wrote the book with his wife “Sue”: ‚ÄúThe Legend of D.B. Cooper‚ÄĚ-Death by Natural Causes.

Anyway, Bob really freaked me out when he said that his friend Barb was in his living room. ¬†I freaked out until he quickly explained that he had¬†her ashes in his living room. ¬†I was so relieved! ¬†His close friend was born Bobby Dayton. In 1969, Bobby takes the painful but liberating journey of becoming Barb. She underwent multiple surgeries and had to face a painful recovery process. ¬†The doctors made her go through extensive psychological tests and had her dress like a woman for 6 months. ¬†She finally made it through months later. For the rest of her life, she had to take hormones. I think that this is outstanding that she made a huge risk to actualize her true self. From what I read in the book it seems very likely that Bob and his wife’s late family friend is the REAL D.B. Cooper!

Given our recent turn in history, Barb stated in the book ‚ÄúI did not ask to come upon this earth‚ÄĚ… ‚ÄúSociety dictates that I live and work as a male, but laws cannot bend deep feelings and longings that tear me down.‚ÄĚ ¬†It makes me sad that this human being had to wait 43 years to finally be able to live the way she was meant to be. ¬†Although, my heart is filled with joy, knowing that Barb Cooper aka, D.B. Cooper spirit is hopefully at peace knowing that ALL people can marry in all of the 50¬†States! ¬† Even though enormous progress has been made, that still doesn‚Äôt change some¬†of OUR¬†attitudes¬†towards homosexuality and gender roles. ¬†I myself, have struggled as a mom, wife, daughter,¬†Sister-in-Law, Sister, and Aunt.

I think the important take away from this story is, We are Who We Are regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, religion, or self-expression.  Furthermore, I want to mention, that just because someone is different and chooses to go against the grain, it doesn’t give a person or group the right to bully them into submission.  It is our right as American citizens to have “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We have made enormous progress we still have a ways to go!

On a lighter note, I got to be a copilot with Bob, after meeting his friends at Thun Field somewhere in Washington. ¬†I got to see their cool hangars, chat it up like I was one of the guys! I made it a stipulation to meet his wife before he took me on an¬†airplane, I wanted to make sure he knew what he was doing. ¬†It was really cool to see where he worked on his plane, his attention to detail (which I admire since I’m the same way) and his enthusiasm. ¬†I can‚Äôt remember all the details but I was able to¬†have a once in a lifetime experience!

Please remember to follow your heart, passions, aspirations, and dreams.

I’m excited to be on this crazy journey we call life! But I have to remind myself as one of my friends said, “Life is precious”.

Below is a visual experience, I hope to never forget!



Me and Lil in a Black Mafia Car!

Me and Lil in a Black Mafia Car!

My awesome girl in a old still working toy jeep. :-)

My awesome girl in a old still working toy jeep. ūüôā

My roots, I grew up 2 hours away from STL!

My roots, I grew up 2 hours away from STL!

Playing dress up and getting to be my retro Self! My daughter Loved got to be her fabulous self as well!

Playing dress up and getting to be my retro Self! My daughter loved wearing a flying hat too. ūüôā

Lily Playing Pilot!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, No it’s Super Lily. Cessna 140, I helped fly!

Second to last pic! Don’t be a Cry Baby about it, ūüėČ

Tour of the hangars at Thun field, Puyallup, WA, 6.24.2015

Tour of the hangars at Thun field, Puyallup, WA, 6.24.2015

Okay, drum roll, please this is the final stop when my daughter and I get to take a quick trip over I-5! I still can’t believe this happened to my daughter and I!

Newbie Copilot!!

Newbie Copilot!!

I leave you all with a quote: “You change your life by changing your heart”-Max Lucado

Please listen to this song, by Mackelmore!

P.S.S. Stay tuned for more colorful adventures…It has something to do with the 80s!