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Fashion Interview with Tessa from House of Wonderland

Hello Lovelies,

Hope everyone is enjoying February.  I’m excited that I will be rocking it this month with blogging three times a week.  I’ve decided to blog Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Mondays will be retro fashion history aka Decades of fashion,  Wednesday will be retro beauty tips and tricks, Fridays will be OOTD Fridays.  I will also be featuring small businesses that I love as well! I’m excited to share new content with you weekly.

Next, I got to connect with the lovely and talented Tessa Shearer from the House of Wonderland via #TheGirlGang on Facebook.  I am so glad I found her and this group of amazing women to connect with.  Below is our fashion interview.  🙂

Why is fashion important to you?
Fashion is so important to me as it’s what got me started in my job the first place! I was always inspired by designers, singers, and other famous icons.  It made me work extra hard to pursue a career in fashion.  My earliest memory is creating a pair of shoes made from paper! 😀 I drew around my foot, cut out a strip for the strap and scrunched up a bit of paper for the high heel! I think I looked completely daft but I was so proud of myself 😀
How does it make you feel?
One word… Freedom
Where do you go to buy your clothes or which websites do you buy from?
I make some of my clothing as well as buying plain items from cheap stores(Me too!). I do however love investing in key designer pieces, but a big splurge like that only comes once or twice a year due to my poor bank funds (I hear that!) 😀
What is the most important thing you consider when you are shopping?
The thing I think about most is coordinating clothes! I hate to spend too long getting ready so I buy mostly plain black, white, and gray clothing so whatever I put on will match! *Style tip: Doing what Tessa does gives you a chance to show off your personality with your accessories whether it be a bold necklace, leggings, or other jewelry. It will help you stand out but not overdo it! 😉
If you could only wear clothing from one particular decade which one would it be and why?
It has to be the 1950’s! I adore the silhouettes, styles, and class!
What are your favorite accessories to wear, i.e brands, homemade, local, Etsy etc. ?
House Of Wonderland jewellery (I love her vintage-inspired pieces) of course! 😀 But I am a sucker for Tiffany & Co!  I love long simple necklaces although I also love rockabilly necklaces too!
Side note:  Below are my faves from HOW.

HOW-Hey Sailor Earrings.


HOW-super cool Betty Paige necklace.

How does makeup play into how you dress?  What is your favorite makeup looks and where do you buy your makeup products?
I am so boring! I wear the same stuff every day! I usually wear foundation-liquid, powder, bronzer, blusher, 2-3 eyeshadows, eyeliner, eyebrows, eyeliner, and mascara! I love 1960’s eye makeup though! I couldn’t go anywhere without my eyebrows though! Obsessed about eyebrows! I’m weird like that!
Please describe one of your favorite outfits and if possible the links to where you got the items and or descriptions.
Hmm… My favourite outfit is one I got agggggggeeeeesss ago! I think the shop actually closed down now! But it’s a 3/4 length sleeve black top and a wrap around asymmetric black wiggle skirt? I’ll try and find a picture and enclose it 😀
Well, that’s a wrap on today’s post!  I can’t wait to chat with you guys in the comments, below.
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Local Beauty Products, Bees, and Grease Fashion!

Happy Sunday!  I have been falling behind on my blog posts since I had been fighting a nasty virus and sore throat, boo! Anyway, today’s post is going to dive into bee awareness, what we can do to support this cause and natural beauty products you can buy. As always, I like to bring fashion into my posts, I will also show you how to rock the Sandra Dee look for the modern woman #retromodern.

My yellow Sandra Dee Grease dress!

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ICKem1
Bee Awareness
First off, bees are very important to our ecosystem, it basically boils down to no bees no food!  Bees help make our food by distributing pollen. Technically, we could live without bees to pollinate our food but there wouldn’t be as much variety.  The problems that bees face today are single crop farming, removing what we call “weeds”, and the increased use of pesticides.  This, unfortunately, causes bees to get diseases and pests.  The good news is, there are things we can do to help the bees.  You can plant meadows instead of grass. If this doesn’t work for you, you can plant a 3′ X 3′ area with flowers that bees can pollinate spring, summer, and fall.  You can download the app Bee Smart to help you choose plants that are bee friendly! Another app you can use is Grow Smart to help you limit pests safely in your garden. 
The people who made me aware of this cause was my local coffee shop NPCC.  I just happened to go for their yummy lavender latte and the event happened to be going on.  I love supporting local as much as a can.  I really enjoyed this event and I enjoyed being a part of this important cause.
While I was there I got to meet a lot of inspiring people, James a local beekeeper, Patricia Newton a local artist/photographer, and the woman (I forgot her name) who put on the event.
Patricia Newton: Local Artist/Photographer
Patrica is a local artist and photographer who loves to create paintings that incorporates nature and whimsy.  She goes to local art shows to sell her paintings. Patricia also takes beautiful pictures and has won photography contests.  She has a travel companion Peaches who is her rescue service dog that helps her with her disability.  I love that she doesn’t let her disability get in her way.

Patricia in her element painting flowers with faces! Notice her outfit, she designed it herself.


Happy Flowers by Patricia Newton

More happy flowers. A Patricia Newton original.

More happy flowers. A Patricia Newton original.


Post cards by Patricia. She also makes one of a kind homemade cards.

Local Beauty Products: Bee Friendly.

There were local products from LemonBuzzz (you can buy their products online) made with local honey or beeswax.  They offer homemade soaps, baths bombs, and lip balm (my favorite) Their products are made with local raw honey without artificial dyes, fragrances, or chemicals. Lemonbuzzz boasts eco-friendly packaging as well.  I highly recommend them!


Peppermint lip balm with local beeswax.


They gave out free samples with each purchase. Love the packaging!









James the Beekeeper


James is a local beekeeper that is passionate about raising bees and raising awareness of the problems bees are facing.  He suggested that we buy local raw honey.  He graciously handed out clover honey sticks, yum! He also handed out Burpee’s Bee Garden seed packets which encourage pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and birds.  See above for more ways to encourage pollinators.


James the Bee Keeper.

James the Beekeeper.


A beautiful shot of one of James’ bees.

James bee's honey! Yummy. :-)

James bee’s honey! Yummy. 🙂










Fashion the “Grease” Way!


Interestingly enough, I happened to wear my vintage yellow Sandy dress to the bee event that day, what an awesome coincidence.  I don’t know about you, but I love the movie Grease. It’s a classic that everyone should watch.  A year ago, after watching Grease for the 20th time, I wanted to find the dress like Frenchy wore during the beauty school dropout scene. I did find it here but it wasn’t my size, oh well.


Frenchie's Beauty School Dropout Dress.

Frenchy’s look alike Beauty School Dropout Dress.


Love her bubblegum pink hair!




Frenchy’s beauty school dropout scene.


Luckily, I did find a beautiful yellow cotton dress like the one Olivia Newton-John famously wore. I found both dresses on Esty from an awesome seller Karen.  Below is my mini fashion shoot, enjoy. 🙂



Ruth_Cat_Pin My vintage cat pin from my childhood.

Ruth_SandraDee_WhiteBorder Ruth_SandraDee_Tree_3Ruth_SandraDee_Glasses_3Ruth_SandraDee_B&W


Get the look.  To update “sweet” Sandy’s 1950s look, I found two yellow dresses.  The first dress is a higher end vintage dress on Etsy, or for $35 a golden yellow dress on Modcloth, so cute!

Sweet Sandy Yellow Vintage dress-Etsy.

Sweet Sandy : Yellow vintage dress on Etsy. $294.



Sweet Sandy-Golden yellow dress by Modcloth.

Sweet Sandy: Golden yellow dress by Modcloth. $35.


Sunglasses: I found some cute navy cat eye sunglasses on sale on Topshop for $12.  I love a good bargain.

Leggings: I wore black leggings with a lace pattern to modernized the look. You can wear different patterns and colors. Here are my top choices!
AE Black Lace Leggings.

American Eagle :Black Lace Leggings. $15.



Blue Knit Star Leggings.

Target: Blue Knit Star Leggings. $12.


Forever 21


I found some super cute floral print leggings in cream/coral or black/pink. I think these are my favorite. 🙂



Jewelry:  Again I couldn’t find my exact jewelry, but I did find a beautiful silver cameo locket on Etsy to recreate my sweet Sandy look.  I also found a similar wooden bangle in a pack via Newlook.


Silver Cameo Necklace.

Silver Cameo Necklace. $22.

Wooden Bangle Pack-$11.

Wooden Bangle Pack-$11.


Pinup Hair Style:  I decided not to follow Sandy’s ponytail hairstyle but opted for a quick pinup hairstyle via Vintagious on Youtube. I don’t know about you but I’m always pressed for time when I’m getting ready.


Hope you enjoyed this post! I love being able to find cute #retromodern outfits. Remember to tag me on Instagram, and Twitter your favorite outfits. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook or join my professional network on Linkedin.


Keep smiling, 🙂


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Retro Glam Pinup Makeup by Miss Mouse!

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am featuring a makeup artist from Texas that I found on Instagram, Mayra aka Miss Mouse. Check her out here!  She has an amazing eye(no pun intended) for makeup and I love that she is into the retro glam look that is in style right now.  I asked her to do a makeup look that was retro but with rainbow eyeliner.. a few of my favorite things. 🙂   Below is her how to pinup glam look!

Miss Mouse’s retro modern rainbow pinup look.

First you start off with a simple smokey eye look.  Click here for a 3 minute brown smoky eye tutorial!  For the simple brown smokey eyes, I used Too Faced Chocolate palette.
Next, add black eyeliner. I used NYX’s gel eyeliner in Jet Black. I don’t know if you’re like me but I Google everything! Check out wikihow’s article on how to get a perfect winged eye!
When in doubt wing it out!  Miss mouse adding the winged eyeliner.

When in doubt wing it out! Miss Mouse adding the winged eyeliner.

The Rainbow eyeliner!
For the rainbow eyeliner, 1st add the yellow eyeliner, then the pink, go over a little bit of the yellow with pink to get a good mix of orange, then add a light blue eyeliner and go over the pink to get a shade of purple.
Eyeliner Details:
Yellow gel liner is from Inglot in 84, which is unfortunately sold out when I went to their page.  I
was able to find a lower end eyeliner pencil from Yves Rocher for $3. For a higher end option, I
would go with a waterproof eyeliner in Canary from Stila.  The blue gel liner is also from Inglot
in 88(also sold out). Don’t worry, I was able to sleuth out some substitutes!  For the lower end, you
could go with Rimmel’s waterproof eyeliner in Turquoise. I personally like Rimmel products. For
the higher end, I would recommend Stila’s All Day waterproof eyeliner in Light Turquoise.  Last
but not least, is the Pink gel eyeliner from Anastasia Beverly Hills in Barbie Pink.


Complete Rainbow Cat eye look. Super glam!

Completed Rainbow Cat eye look. Super glam!

For the final touches for the eyes, add eyelashes(which give this look more drama!), use a black pencil liner to your waterline, and then add two coats of your favorite mascara and voilà your done! 🙂


On my lips, I am wearing an awesome lipstick by MAC it’s a Retro Matte lipstick in the shade of “All Fired Up


Next, curl your hair with a wide barrel curling iron to complete this #retromodern look and don’t forget to throw on a cute pinup print dress 😀 You can find some real cute ones on Modcloth. One more thing, I was able to find an article on 25 pinup hairstyles, a must read if you asked me. 🙂

Thanks for reading my first #retromodern beauty post! Stay tuned for more posts like this. 🙂

Keep smiling,


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